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Marketing goes beyond social media posts. Your brand exudes magic. It should be felt through screens and magazines. It should be felt in ways people remember you and want to click 'attend' or 'buy now' immediately.

There are so many ways to communicate. Through words, visuals, colors, your voice. It takes a strategic approach to utelize all of these tools in a way that feels right to you, but also hits the spot with your clients.

Marketing is a fulltime job. It's one of the many hats you wear as a solo(soul)preneur. Soul Led Productions gives you the hands-on support you need in order to thrive in your business.

About Gillian

My story

After 8+ years of marketing & business development experience, in international corporates to local retail, it's time for both of my worlds to collide. Marketing is in my veins, but I'm a mystic by design. I effortlessly market metaphysical businesses because I fundamentally understand both the concepts you create and the desired clients you want in your programs. Connecting you to your audience is my magick. Making sure you are visible in the market is my purpose.

About Soul Led Productions

A sustainable and profitable brand needs consistent marketing. Consistency only comes when creation is aligned to your own personal energy. As humans, we can't always carry the load by ourselves. That is where we come in. Let us support you in living out your life's purpose while we ensure your brand's visibility behind the scenes. You, as the owner, get to embody your brand, serve your clients & birth your magic. We take care of the rest.


Quick support

You need sporadic marketing support. From one big task to one month of content. You choose the services you need from us, we execute and deliver. This can be anything from creating social media content (copy or visuals), podcast editing and everything in between.

We work with a token system. Buy a package of tokens and use them one year long to your desire.

From € 195*

We charge €65 (excluding tax) per hour. Most of our services take 3 hours to deliver, but some take more time. We'll send you a quote after we've had our Zoom call and we have a better understanding of your needs.

The Process


Fill out our questionnaire. Pick and choose what services you need executed.


Let's have a short call to align our visions and discuss our deliverables.


Review our work


Ecstatic? We'll send you the files and marketing materials.



Pick our marketing brain one whole day long. Whether you need strategy or actual deliverables - we are dedicated to you from 08:30 am to 16:30 am.

This intense experience is for awakened businesses that launch services or products, organize events, need strategic marketing support that goes beyond social media posts. We look at your marketing from a holistic point of view - what needs to be done in order to promote your business to the most aligned audiences?

€ 500

Exc;uding tax

The Process


Fill out our questionnaire to determine how we can make the most of our time together.


We meet through Zoom (or in-person) for the whole day.


Content deliverables or a strategy will be sent to you within 72 hours of our meeting.


Full Marketing

This is for you if you fully want to outsource your marketing. This package includes a strategy, monthly content creation, editing, press releases, publishing content - and if desired - social media advertising campagnes.

Our approach is omnichannel, so we include more than just social media marketing. We'll ensure your brand is communicated to your audiences on multiple levels.

In order to fully embody your brand, we like to stay connected often.

€800 - €1500 per month

Exc;uding tax

The Process


Fill out our questionnaire


Let's get to know each other through a Zoom call.


We set a schedule and clear deliverables.


Our team gets to work and executes your marketing as desired.


Monthly meetups to stay connected to your brand!

Weekly encouragement & inspiration

Want to create content for your brand - from press releases to website copy - but are you missing the motivation, magickal touch or creativity?

Sign up to our weekly DIY marketing boost for just €5 per month.

Templates, prompts and systems are sent you weekly!

Book your free call

Let's chat! Grab a (virtual) coffee, pick my brain for a bit and see if we like the vibe.

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